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Africa Transformation through education

Its amazing what a new pair of shoes can do to boost a students confidence.

We accept new and gently used items, including: backpacks, shoes, clothing, computers, and other school supplies to help our students. If you or someone you know has access to these items, please reach out to us, and we will gladly accept them and send them to the people who desperately need them.

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We are collecting new and used books for the students who cannot afford to buy books. We believe that every child deserves education and knowledge. We are working on providing books and other educational materials to all children.

Clothing and Shoes

Clothing and Shoes

We are now accepting gently used clothing and shoes. Every pair of shoes donated will go to a student in need to help them reach for their dreams, We are trying to ensure that every child has their first pair of shoes to start their education.



We are now accepting computer donations for our students. If you want to donate a computer or you have old ones that you want to give away, please contact us, so we can arrange shipping.

Sponsor a college student

Sponsor a highschool student

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