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Many children are living in poverty and struggling to get an education. Education is key to improving lives and creating opportunities for people anywhere in the world.
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How are we empowering the next generation of global leaders?

Every year, the Kebaso Foundation provides full scholarships to underprivileged but deserving students in Kenya and other parts of the world.

We want to reach even more. You can help ensure that underprivileged students have access to quality education and become future leaders by donating today.
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The Kebaso Foundation Scholarship Program

Kebaso Scholarship Program assists needy students from low-income families. This program focuses on providing financial aid to students who cannot afford to pay for their tuition fees. The major barrier to better Education in Africa is cost, which the Kebaso Foundation has recognized and engaged itself to address this barrier.

The Kebaso Foundation -Mentorship Inspire and Motivate Program

Kebaso Foundation mentors assist talented young people in achieving their goals. These mentors guide them towards success in life. The mentors ensure students are engaged, motivated, and excited to learn. We do this by utilizing the Expectancy – Value – Cost Model.

Our mentors encourage the students to excel academically, socially, morally, and spiritually by addressing the barriers preventing underprivileged students from investing their time, energy, and resources into their studies. The primary obstacle to better Education in Africa is cost, and the Kebaso Foundation has recognized this and engaged itself in a small way to address this barrier.

The Kebaso Foundation- Employment Connect Program

Kebaso connects graduates of its programs to companies looking for employees. It helps graduates find jobs and earn a living. 

How Our Program works

The Kebaso Foundation offers scholarships to students from low-income families through our scholarship program. We also support graduating high school and college students through our mentorship programs. Mentorships are offered to outstanding students who need extra guidance to succeed in life.

Our Intake Process

We work directly with school counselors and spiritual leaders to help us identify the children who need financial help. The student is required to submit an application and an essay explaining why they need a scholarship. Once the application is received, our team reviews it to determine their qualifications.   

The next step is to create a personalized program that fits the student’s needs and find matching sponsors. We also provide funding directly from the general scholarship fund via charitable donations from the founders and other supporters.

The final step is to award the deserving student the scholarships.
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Our Support Process

When you succeed, we all do!
We want to make sure that we are only directing our resources to the deserving students willing to work hard.

Therefore, our services do not end with scholarships; here’s what we do to make sure our students stay motivated to stay in school. We sign every student with a mentor who checks-in with them and makes sure they have everything they need to succeed. 

We also have occasional virtual meetings where we introduce our students to professionals in their fields of study to push them even further into achieving their dreams.

We emphasize excellent academic progress with a minimum B grade to continue receiving the scholarship and other services.
Finally, we try to connect our graduates to employers who are willing to give them a job.

The Kebaso Foundation-Alumni 

We believe that everyone who’s received assistance should also assist someone else, and that’s why we introduced the Kebaso Foundation Alumni for people who’ve gone through our program to come together and support other students in need.
Teamwork Rocks!
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