February 1, 2022

Student Testimonials- Maxwell Ndege

Experience the touching testimonial of Maxwell and how his life has been changed by one of our Mentors, Dr. Daphine Kaniaru.

Dr. Lenah Boyani Kebaso

It was during the sudden death of my friend, singer, Beldin, during the period trying to catch up with family, we were in the same what's-app group with Dr Daphine Kaniaru, later after the burial, I decided to text her, she responded, we got to know each other, she knew me because I used to sing with my late friend, Belden.

After catching up knowing more about me, she asked me what am up-to, I had to give the story of my life, which I believe touched her.She felt the passion I had to be a doctor, we talked for long, she even called me.

Later in the month, she told me to try and get a letter for the university, I didn't even have fare to reach Nairobi, she provided, I went to the university, applied for the course(bachelor of medicine and surgery), luckily I was given the chance to pursue my dream career.

After few arrangements, I didn't have a place to live in Nairobi, all the hostels in school were already occupied, and me being a parallel student I wasn't given a priority to stay in school, Dr Daphine is now paying my monthly rent, all I mean meeting with Dr Daphine was just a miracle, I can't take it for granted.

My life was given a new phase by you and Dr Daphine, this was a big u-turn in my life ,may God bless you.

All along she has always been there for me, advising, mentoring me, and telling me that all is possible.

People meet for different reasons, I never regret being associated with you and Dr Kaniaru, Thank you.